.... Digital to the material

Our promise: from powder to product from batch size 1.

We achieve this because we have had a proprietary 3D printing machine in operation for years and have mastered all the finesses of the upstream and downstream processes.

  • 3D printing means => no tool costs
  • 3D printing by BRÖLL also means => identical component in series
  • 3D printing by BRÖLL also means => switching to series production without surprises

reproducible - high density - high purity - hard - vandal resistant - scratch resistant - insulating - heat conductive - translucent or opaque


It is often the inconsistencies in detail that have the greatest consequences afterwards: from the virtual design to the ceramic component in a few days. This cushions many unthought-of effect - good or bad - and reduces follow-up costs enormously. Optimizations start in the details.


(The following animation is only in german. Try to translate and you might be happy to get in touch with us!)

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With us you will meet a small, fast team with short decision-making processes and a certain spirit. We don't just want to satisfy you - we strive to inspire you! For us, customer benefit means convincing and inspiring customers - also by letting the generated product speak for itself.