Emil BRÖLL GmbH & Co.KG

Rohrbach 26h

A-6850 Dornbirn | Austria

Telefon +43 5572 / 24546

E-Mail: info (at) broell.com

welcome at BROELL: advanced ceramics for high end products

We manufacture "your ceramics" from our purest alpha-Al2O3 (inert aluminium oxide of the highest hardness), 100% in-house with outstanding properties from component to component and in all conceivable production methods of the 21st century.

  • printed (micro)-dot by dot (3D-AM)
  • injection moulded (CIM)
  • highly dense pressed (UAP: uniaxial pressed)
  • made out of the solid green
printed, pressed, injection moulded: three ways to get the same product

we are definitely:


  • we count on you - while you decide what really matters.


  • "Digital to the material":
    you only get from us prototypes and series components made from the same aluminium oxide.
  • we love Tribology*).

*) friction, wear and lubrication are system-dependent properties


  • whoever says A must think to the end = Z. We do that with you.
  • since 1884 in Dornbirn near Lake Constance.

that's what we stand for:


technical solutions
  • Bröll ceramics: hard and gentle to the counterpart.
  • definite surface properties, friction and haptics.
  • highest wear resistance and reproducibility: from component to component.


frugal solutions
  • affordable.
  • application-oriented.
  • optimized.
  • simply the best.


sustainable solutions
  • Quality is right.
  • Price is right.
  • Service is right.
  • Cultur s right.
  • Service life is right.



BRÖLL transforms the purest aluminium-oxide into high-performance components par excellence.

Your wish - Our strength

We bring qualities together:

  • security and complexity
  • hardness and suppleness
  • speed and variety of variants
  • durable and quick shots
  • value for money and high quality
  • flexibility and tenacity

demanding - innovative - responsible

At BRÖLL we take care of exceptional and consistent properties across all production stages - everything from a single source.

Dornbirn and lake constanze

view from Dornbirn to Lake Constance

With passion and respect for the environment, for us humans and for the material

You will meet a small, fast team with short decision paths and a certain spirit. We strive to inspire you!  - also by letting the product speak for itself.