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We care for outstanding properties of our components

Ceramic properties can vary with the method of manufacturing.
If one sends the same polycrystalline powder to different companies to manufacture a certain piece, the results will be very much different compared to sending a metal. This is due to the thermodynamical, chemical and mechanical stress which act on the ceramic component being manufactured:

Purity – contamination, grain size – doping, process conditions at pressing / injection moulding, binder removal, sintering conditions, hardmachining etc. have an enormous influence on the material properties of advanced ceramics.

Our Quality Assurance is tightly linked with the production process.
A few way of methods we use to trace both good and bad performance are:

  • moisture and humidity measurement (quantitative)

  • density measurements with buoyancy method (archimedes principle)

  • stereo microscopes

  • video microscope with photo database and analysis

  • roughness measurement for complex shaped surfaces (software assisted)

  • 2D-measurements with resolution > 2 micron (tactile and nontactile)

  • nondestructive proove of surface cracks

  • lot's of self-built "crash tests"

  • micrograph analysis

  • EDAX and SEM analysis (external)

  • the brain of every single colleague

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