Installed laboratory and manufacturing tools
for ceramics:

  • uniaxial pressing

  • ceramic high- and low pressure injection moulding (CIM: HPIM & LPIM - check

  • machining of green: everything that goes: drilling, grinding, turning ....

  • debinding with all its facets

  • sintering with all the effects in diffusion....

  • multi spindle automatic lathe (CAD/CAM)

  • hard machining: grinding, milling, slide grinding, polishing, etc...

  • mounting: joining, joining, joining, ...

  • QS: contour, roughness (also free form, hardness etc.

  • 100 % otipcal inspection of crucial areas

  • different rapid manufacturing technologies

> precision down to 10 µm in length and diameter posible.
Roughness below 50 nm and manifold topographical structures.

> reproducable tolerances in ceramics without hard machining:
at least ± 0,5 %;