BROELL established in 1884

More and more clients realize that BROELL is a competent, flexible and fast partner for solid advanced ceramic solutions.


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We are an independent SME with >40 employees at present. 95 % of our products are exported. We work in niches, but we produce i.e. 60 % of the world requirement on ceramic navels for OE-rotor spinning.

  • In 2007: always at your service!

  • In 2006 we started introducing advanced ceramic blanks for the dental industry.
    At the same time an increasing amount of complex shaped jets for the international working textile industry are manufactured.

  • Also in 2005 our CIM-manufacturing line started with the first spandex/elasthan twisting nozzles.

  • In 2005 we started promoting a long lasting development: conTEX – a nano ceramic coated aluminium/steel friction disk for texturing yarns.

  • Since 2003 our yearly production of nozzles in ceramic/steel combination reaches 60 % of the world market.

  • In 1999 BROELL installed a complete advanced ceramics process line "from powder to product". We started with OE-navels and yarn guides for the high-tech textile machinery industry.

  • In 1991 BROELL established a manufacturing line for rotors for OE-Spinning, running up to 150.000 rpm and as an complement produced twin disks blanks since 1993 for Freudenberg.

  • Established in 1884, BROELL started with the production of temples for weaving machines.
    We never stopped innovating them.

  • Founded in 1837, the company manufactured manual rasps for the wood and metal working growing industry.


Former Ludwig Broell (2nd left) in 1959