Shape what you need!
– in ceramics!


CIM: ceramic injection moulding

With ceramic injection moulding we shape, since 2003, what you want in very complex designs and and with unique features concerning tribological and surface requirements. Our metal oxides are sub-micron powders. To process these powders is not trivial in respect to maximum final quality. As integrated producer we make the best of it in precision down to grain size. Our feedstocks are optimised with BROELL-know-how. We are able to work with you from the start where you want low quantities and low tooling prices (but already high requirements) due to different established CIM processes.

  • small to large quantities
  • manual and automatic injection moulding
  • precise replication down to micron shapes
  • tooling know-how for optimised material flow
  • No other method is capable of forming complex shaped ceramics to tight tolerances economically and in volume.
  • We form parts from 0,002 g to 50 g!
  • Polished or matt
  • Para-Magnetic, translucent, with high and low heat conductivity
  • With different haptic and optical appearance

We produce your wishes in ceramics!